Amazon Affiliate Account Setup

"Web Site Settings"

The first step in getting your Amazon Affiliate account ready is providing details about your web site.
You do have a web site, right?

From the beginning, you'll need to log into Amazon and make your way to Associates Central. After you're logged in, click the Account Settings link, in the top-left corner of the page. Once at the Associates Account link page, find the link named "Edit Web site information" - under the Account Information area.

Here, you'll need to fill in the basic details about your web site. Amazon may, or may not, visit your site to ensure it meets whatever guidelines they use for judging, these days. Make sure you fill in and save this form! It's important; quite possibly the most important part about getting your account activated for using the Product Advertising API, actually.

If you don't already have a web site, I highly suggest that you get one. I'm not entirely positive but, I believe it may be a requirement in order to get your AWS keys activated for use with the Product Advertising API. For A-Z Product Finder to work, you must have the Product Advertising API enabled for use by your Amazon account.

"Personal Settings"

This section is not pertinent, nor required, for the use of A-Z Product Finder however, it is good advice; all the same.

If you plan to use the Product Advertising API on your own web site, it's a good idea to make sure that you'll get paid for any sales that you generate. While in the Associate Account area, you should fill in the information asked for in the forms linked to under Payment Information. You'll probably want to make sure to use your real information, to ensure they pay you.