MozNET Web Component
The ultimate .NET wrapper for XulRunner 3.6.28
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Are you looking for a more stanadards-compliant alternative to the .NET web browser control?

MozNET is compatible with all .NET languages so, you can use it just as easily in a VB.NET program as you can in a C# or even CLI/C++ application. Winforms, WPF - it works in both. Never before have you been able to manipulate the web in ways that MozNET allows you to do!

MozNET provides easy access to DOM elements; 2-way communication between the host application and JavaScript; printing and print preview support; JavaScript injection with the ability to pass objects between the script and host application; spell checking; 'DrawToBitmap' for screen shots; cache access; read/write post data and much, much more! Check out the features page for details.

MozNET can help bring that extra boost to your application. Whether you're a hobbiest programmer or a seasoned professional, if you're looking for a worth-while replacement for the default web browser control MozNET has you covered. Although, this does come with a small price - XulRunner must tag along with your project. However, an AIO assembly is used to provide the runtime for MozNET.Need to modify XulRunner? You can use the AIO Builder to create your own AIO library.

You can even extend MozNET with the use of custom XPCom components. Your components can be written using JavaScript, native C/C++ and even managed languages such as C#, VB.NET or CLI/C++. This gives you ultimate control and flexibility over the way your application interacts with web pages. You can easily extend the default JavaScript/Code interaction, write custom filtering components or anything else you can think of. This feature alone, raises the bar well above other wrappers of its kind.

Check out the fully functional example project as it showcase's most of MozNET'sbest features. It's written in C#/WPF and the UI is very basic but, the point isn't to show you how to build a web browserwink. If you need to test a feature that isn't demonstrated in the example project, then I encourage you to write it in! Test, break and fix the project 'till your heart's content. That's what it's there for. If you have questions or comments, please create an account with theSe7en Soft Forum and post it there. The forum is the best place to discuss MozNET as many people may benefit from it vs. an email that only helps one person.

If you decide to purchase MozNET then once you're done at the Google Checkout web site you'll be given instant access to your purchase. If you purchased the binary versionyour Developer Key will given to you immediately at Google Checkout as well as inyour account area. You don't even need to have an account with Google. Once done and said, you'll also be able to download MozNET from your purchase overview, located on the 'My Account' page when you're logged into the site.

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Project: MozNET is a fully working, tabbed, browser application which demonstrates most of the core and component features. This project is more, or less, a sandbox. It is not functionally limited in anyway except that the MozNET binaries it uses are locked to the project and it may not be redistributed nor used in a commercial setting or as an internal application.
The example project targets FW 4.0, however the MozNET library targets FW 3.5.

The MozWebUI Project is not as feature-filled as Project: MozNET but, it will show you how to build a basic UI using nothing but HTML/CSS, Javascript and JS<--->C#/VB communication.

Note: The MozWebUI Project does not use the latest MozNET build. It is only meant to demonstrate how easily a CSS/HTML driven interface can be created.

Project: MozNET:
Version:, Released: 5/20/2014, Size: 12,153kb, .NET 3.5/4.0
Initialize the library using 14DAYTRIALKEY to take it for a 2-week spin.

  • MozNET is NOT officially supported on operating systems other than Microsoft Windows and is NOT directly compatible with MONO.
  • MozNET is NOT compatible with .NET framework client profiles.
  • MozNET cannot run on a non-GUI thread.
    This is not a limitation of the component but, of the underlying runtime; XulRunner.