A Single-File Solution for SlimerJS

A scriptable browser for Web developers

SpecterJS is an executable wrapper for SlimerJS .
It comes as a single file executable, containing the XulRunner runtime and the latest SlimerJS build.

No changes have been made to the SlimerJS system. It has only been repackaged so that it's a bit easier to work with on Windows. SpecterJS is a .net console application which handles all of the interaction between you and SlimerJS. It is compiled against the .net 2.0 framework so, it should run on just about any Windows OS that SlimerJS will run on.

If you have a need for a (nearly) headless web browser, which you can command using JavaScript, then SpecterJS may be just what you're looking for.
Since it's a repackaging of the SlimerJS system, it can do everything SlimerJS can do. It just makes it easier to deploy and move around. Not only that but, if you have the imDisk Virtual Disk Driver installed, you can run SpecterJS in a ram drive! Just add a blank file named '__imDisk' to the directory containing SpecterJs.exe and SpecterJs will create a temporary ram drive, extract the contents of XulRunner and SlimerJs to it. Once the drive is constructed and the contents filled, your script(s) will be ran and the ram disk will be removed when no longer needed.

SpecterJS is NOT a replacement for either MozNET release. It is simply a repackaging of an existing, open-source, application.

SpecterJS cannot be used as a visual control in any type of application as it is a stand-alone program. However, it may be used in conjunction with other software as it is created as a console application and does forward data through StdErr and StdOut.

Anyone who makes a donatation of $5 (USD), or more, will recieve a full copy of the SpecterJS source code.

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Utilizes SlimerJS 0.8.3 &
XulRunner 24.0.10b