SynthEv Javascript Event Library

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Current version: 0.2.4
Do you write a lot of Javascript?
Do you use events in your Javascript?

We would like to introduce you to our Synthetic Event Factory, Javascript component.

The Synthetic Event Factory component, or SynthEV for short, provides you with a simple to use event model that can easily be utilized by any Javascript function or component.SynthEV does not rely on any Javascript frameworks so, you're free to use it with your favorite Javascript system; jQuery, Prototype, Moo Tools, etc..

SynthEV is written using clean, cross-browser, Javascript and all primary functions are fully documented. In addition, SynthEV allows you to use error handling to catch common errors that may occur when using the component in your code.SynthEV will throw exceptions where appropriate so that your script may analyze them to determine how to best handle any issues.

SynthEV allows you to create, attach, detach and dispatch custom events. Events can be attached to almost any object, or no object at all!

In addition, SynthEV also has backbone.js-like event functions such as: Attach [on], Detach [off], Once, ListenTo, StopListening and Trigger.These functions work almost identical to those found in backbone.
Check out the example code, below.

Create and dispatch a custom event without using any objects.
Using the code above, add another callback handler for the registered event.
Easily remove event handlers.
This code demonstrates the "AttachEvent" extended event feature.
Live example of code above:
This code demonstrates a few of the Backbone.js style functions.