From the ashes of Task Se7en, Win7Lib has risen!

Are you a Windows developer writing software for the Windows 7 desktop? Do you need progmatic access to features such as Aero Peek, overlay icons, progress state and value or thumbnail tab proxies for windows and application tabs on the Windows taskbar? Win7Lib gives you access to all of these and more!

Download the Win7Lib showcase application to see everything in action!

Compiled Binary $65.00
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Source Code $350.00
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Win7Lib is also capable of modifying the animations performed when a window is minimized or restored by letting you define where windows minimize to and restore from!
Win7Lib was written using both native C++ and a managed C# wrapper which encompases the native code. Win7Lib is fully x86 and x64 compatible.

The minimize/restore feature can be tweaked a little bit and it will work all the way down to Windows XP! Because the library targets Windows 7 by default, the code needed to operate on Windows XP is slightly different but, that's OK. Win7Lib is available in source code form so you can make all the tweaks and changes you want!

  • The source edition includes the full source code for Win7Lib (Se7enSoft.Win7.dll), as well as the source code for the native C++ project which is wrapped up by Win7Lib.
  • The binary edition includes the precompiled Win7Lib library (Se7enSoft.Win7.dll). The native code is fused into the wrapper and properly applied as required.

In addition to the features already mentioned, Win7Lib also provides a simple class that allows you to wrap the mouse from one screen edge to another. This lets you drag application windows from one extreme edge to the other without traveling the distance between them. It's not exactly a Windows 7 feature but, its the coolest thing since sliced bread, none the less! Have you ever wondered how the Windows taskbar can retain its active looking appearance even when its not the active window? Win7Lib can do that too!

Win7Lib is available in both binary and source code formats!.

Win7Lib is the only library of its kind.
This library utilizes hidden Windows features and hooks into the Windows shell to provide you with what no other library can. This library is one of a kind and you will NOT find these features anywhere else. What this component can do, others can only dream about. No cheap tricks or hacks are employed to do what it does - this is as real as it gets!

This library is the culmination of 2+ years of hard work, research and 100's of hours debugging. The API is extremely simple to use and it works pretty much flawlessly every time. We recommend that, if you are new to this library (and you probably are), that you start out with the showcase source to see how the component is put to use. The showcase utilizes 90% of the API found in the library (what is ommitted isn't relevant to the showcase).

You can use the trial binary, for two weeks, in your own application by supplying
"14DAYTRIALKEY" to the Win7LibGlobal.Init() method.

To check out the overlay icon and progress features it's recommended to either download
the Windows API Code Pack or roll your own application which can manipulate them.
The code pack contains a small application which can manipulate overlays and progress.
Grab the Windows API Code Pack from here.

Win7Lib is compiled targeting .NET framework 3.5 but, is fully compatible with
applications targeting a higher framework version. Without modifications, Win7Lib will
only run on the Windows 7 platform; Windows 2008 R2 included. Code modifications
may be performed to support minimize and restore animations on Windows 2003, XP,
Vista and 2008 R1.